If you are plastic product manufacturers and are interested in taking part in the change and therefore manufacture biodegradable sheets from bio-polymer raw materials, we can cater to your needs.
We use three types of raw materials:
• Biolice® - produced form corn flour by Limargin, France
• Enmat™ - PHB type material produced from bacteria by Tianan, China
• Inego™ - PLA type material produced from corn starch by Nature Works, USA
In addition, we use the Ecomp® compound co-developed with Kafrit Industries. Ecomp® integrates raw materials from the three manufactures listed above; furthermore, it is the first and so far the only Israeli-made biodegradable raw material.
The following tables list the available raw materials. Clicking on the SKU will open the manufacture’s page, which includes all the required information.

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