In August 2009, we managed to manufacture a biodegradable bottle, which is entirely composed (except the cap) of PLA- a corn starch granular polymer. This bottle is made from Inego™: Nature Group’s PLA type polymer, and is a fruit of cooperation between Nature Works (exclusively represented in Israel by Jolybar Group) , EcoJo (subsidiary of The Jolybar Group), LOG, TADBIK and MEI-BAT (mineral water co.).
Only ten manufacturers worldwide are distributing PLA-made mineral water bottles. The European standard permits
non-degradable caps and sleeves, and although our bottle cap is non-degradable (we are developing a degradable cap), our bottle range features the world’s first bottle where even the sleeve (the label) is made from a biodegradable polymer. The bottles can various liquids such as milk yoghurt, water, juice and olive oil.

Transparent Bottle - 500 ml.