Ecojo, formally established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Jolybar Group in 2007, was formed for the purpose of developing and promoting packing materials from renewable and biodegradable substances, providing ecologically friendly materials and bio-plastic products that are beneficiary to the environment.
The Jolybar Group specializes in the processing and marketing of raw materials and intermediate products for the manufacture of flexible packing materials and related products used in for foods, pharmaceuticals, and other industries in Israel and worldwide. The Jolybar Group operates through three divisions, each of which is organized as a distinct corporate entity, named:

* Jolybar (Israel)

* Montefiore (Switzerland)

Its three divisions deal in a very wide range of films, laminates, and related raw materials. Offering the products of leading manufacturers in Israel, the U.S., and other countries in combination with its four decades of experience in the field of flexible packing and its own advanced technical resources, Jolybar to provides standard and custom designed, cost competitive, and timely delivered products and materials.

Recent years have seen the emergence of views that express growing concerns for the environment and the earth's ecological future. These views are producing laws and regulation that seek to implement rapid and comprehensive changes in consumption and manufacturing, changes that are aimed at directly benefiting the environment and seek to remedy or alleviate the impact of past imprudent practices.

Jolybar recognized the needs and opportunities that arise from these changes and from the new policies they create. In particular, Jolybar recognized that - - with well coordinated efforts and serious development - - its knowledge and expertise could greatly benefit the advancement and success of ecologically-friendly products and materials in the market place.

Ecojo was established to lead Jolybar's initiatives on such efforts and developments.

Today, we at Ecojo are in the midst of initiatives for identifying and adopting the usage of renewable substances, eco-friendly technologies, and environmentally safe materials - - including bio-plastic materials made from plants such as corn (maize), sugar cane, and potatoes - - that would fill the needs of the environmentally sensitive consumer and manufacturer.

Presently, Ecojo is the only Israeli company that manufactures disposable trays and utensils. Developing these products was made possible by Ecojo's cooperation with Nature Works LLC of Minnetonka, Minnesota, a company which The Jolybar Group - Ecojo's parent - represents exclusively in Israel.

From transparent packing materials, bags of various sizes, disposable devices and equipment, to boxes, trays, plates, utensils and many other products of varying degrees of degradability (from the immediately perishable to three degrees of degradation in compost) - - purchased from a wide range of manufacturers from all over the world or developed and manufactured internally - - we offer read-to-ship products and materials that meet or exceed current and anticipated environmental and biodegradability standards and regulations.

Our products are designed, processed, and tested to the strictest standards and they fulfill the most demanding degradability requirements, complying with the principle of reliance on renewable resources and promoting the earth's ecological health.

We market a comprehensive set of environmentally sound solutions to, and substitutes for most conventional packing needs - - those traditionally made of petroleum-based materials - - from films and laminates of varying thicknesses to finished products.

If you are serious about the environment, promoting the usage of renewable resources, and meeting the emerging regulatory requirements for protecting the environment, you should contact us and allow us to suggest how we can bring our products and knowledge to assist you.