Avner Inbar, Jolybar’s CEO

Ecojo is one of the leading developers of renewable solutions to replace conventional packaging materials. Our products include bio-polymer sheets of different weights, bio-polymer granules, and a range of packaging products such as plates, cups, bowls, take away boxes, cutlery, and bags of all kinds.
Ecojo was set up in 2007 as the ecological division of the Jolybar group, which has three decades of specialist experience in manufacturing and cutting rolls and sheets for flexible packaging. The company aims to reduce the industrial use of petroleum-based polymers, and to shift its production of polymer products to materials derived from renewable resources that are compostable. Our goal is to improve the cycle of sustainability of our products by focusing on the “end of product life” phase.
Ecojo works with recycled raw materials such as sugar cane, corn starch, palm leaves and Ecomp, which we produce in conjunction with Kfarit. Ecomp is a unique ecological raw material produced in Israel for use in bio-polymers and biopolymer sheets.
Our company markets its finished products both on the basis of imports and through R&D in cooperation with other Israeli companies that share our vision of improving sustainability in the packaging industry. Ecojo’s products fulfil all functional requirements and are suitable for use in various industrial applications according to the customer’s needs.
Ecojo is the exclusive representative in Israel of the company Nature Works LLC, one of the largest international manufacturers of corn starch for industrial usage. We also partner with Kfarit in the manufacture of bio-polymer sheets in Israel. These materials comply with all necessary standards, including the European biodegradability standard EN 13432.
Ecojo’s wide customer base includes restaurants, food and drink manufacturers, catering companies, bars and cafes, hi-tech companies, hotels and events venues, private clients and community organizations.

About Jolybar
Jolybar is one of Israel’s leading cutting service companies for plastic packaging rolls and sheets. With over 30 years of experience, we are one of the most established companies in the business with an excellent reputation. Ecojo was set up as a subsidiary of Jolybar because of our corporate philosophy and ideological commitment to advancing environmentally friendly manufacturing in Israel, reducing its dependency on the oil industry, and transitioning to the production of bio-polymers using renewable materials.

Message from our CEO
“The carbon-rich energy sources that the Earth has created for us over 200 million years have been consumed exponentially in recent decades. Ecojo is striving for a cleaner world with more environmentally friendly industry, and we are proud to lead the field in Israel. We are doing everything in our power to enable mankind to enjoy better packaging alternatives, and we believe that manufacturers have total responsibility for their usage of packaging materials, even after purchase.”